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Venture Premium Travel Rewards

Giving you a chance to maximize travel using their rewards offering, Capital One has unveiled its “Venture” premium travel rewards credit card. Offering double miles on every purchase without the travel restrictions often seen with other travel rewards cards, Capital One’s “Venture” travel program provides maximum flexibility for booking with any airline at any time, with no blackout dates, no advance booking required, and no expiration. Also, there are no limits on when, where or how you earn double miles, no retailer specifications or spending categories, no separate rewards enrollment or re-enrollment requirements, and no limit on the number of miles cardholders can accumulate. Rewards can be redeemed for any travel related expense, such as airline, hotel, cruise line and rental car transactions, all with no foreign transaction fees. When redeeming rewards, you simply make your purchase on the “Venture” Card, then call Capital One or go online to reimburse the charge with miles and the cost of the transaction is refunded on the next statement. To determine how many miles are needed to redeem rewards, you simply multiply the cost of the purchase by 100.

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