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PenFed's Amazing Escapes

With the travel season upon us and everyone looking for the best vacation package deal, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) has made available its “Amazing Escapes” premium travel online campaign ( Running the gamut from that European golf vacation you’ve always dreamed of to that trip to the South Pacific getaway your significant other has been talking up, “Amazing Escapes” has incentives for all your dream destinations. From April 30 through May 28, anyone who has a PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express Card can be the first to click in at scheduled times for the opportunity to purchase exquisite destination experiences, at amazingly low prices. The program offers PenFed Cardmembers access to such experiences with such packages at an assigned time during the 4 week campaign for, including a 7-Day Golfer’s Dream package in Dublin, Ireland; a 7-Day Exotic Hong Kong package; a 6-Day South African Safari package; and a 7-Day Culinary Adventures package in Sydney, Australia. Additionally, there is the “Great Escapes” and “Quick Escapes” campaigns, which are offered every Tuesday and daily, respectively. As a cardholder, you will be allowed to purchase “Great Escapes” at 50% off the listed retail value, which include “Magnificent Maui,” “Beach It in South Beach,” “Shop It and Show It in Chicago,” and “Savor It in Seattle,” while “Quick Escapes” are announced daily.

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