Consumer Payment Card News

If you’re like the nearly 35% of Americans currently losing sleep over financial problems, Intuit is inviting you to voice your concerns and offer helpful advice on how to manage your way through it. In conjunction with this forum, Intuit is also advises you visit its free resource website, (, for tips on how to tackle debt, available at Need proof? Between February 2009 to February 2010, users shrank average credit card debt by 14.3%, from $5,501 to $4,716, increasing cash savings by 3.2% for a combined average liquidity up 18.4% since the previous year. Additionally, those working with the budgeting tool saw their cash increase by 11.4% while those who elected to not budget with Mint.comâÂÂs tool only saw their cash decrease by 3.9%. Paying off debt is the key financial goal for 75% of users while 84.1% have revolving debt in the form of credit cards. The blog center advises you never miss a payment; pay off higher rates before low ones pay more than the minimum, and get a lower rate; pay off credit cards before student loans; and to take advantage of resources available. So join the over 2 million Intuit Mint users who have learned the the online personal finance software service is an easy way to manage their money at

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