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Kena Kai Wallets

California-based Kena Kai has launched a new line of DataSafe Wallets and Passport Wallets specifically designed to thwart identity theft. These patent-pending and stylish Italian leather wallets utilize multiple layers of radio frequency (RF) shielding material to protect the millions of new wireless credit cards and “ePassports” that will be issued this year. Credit cards have become an integral part in today’s society. With the recent introduction of credit cards and passports that contain an electronic wireless chip, sometimes referred to as an RFID (radio frequency identification) chip, these critical and very personal tools in our daily life are now at risk. With most advances in technology come trade-offs and this is no exception. While these new cards and passports offer greater convenience, they are also susceptible to “skimming” – the wireless access and/or copying of personal information stored on these cards – from a distance. Researchers from the University of Massachusetts have shown that they could access a credit card user’s name, the number and the expiration from more than 20 feet away! This information can be accessed through clothing, wallets and purses without the DataSafe technology. The researchers claim that nearly 40 million radio frequency identification (RFID) credit cards in circulation today could be vulnerable to skimming attacks, which could harvest names and credit-card details from the cards of passers-by. A skimming attack uses a normal reader, or one that has been enhanced to read cards from a greater distance, to grab unencrypted data from the card. With a distinctive combination of style and innovation, Kena Kai designs unique items that leverage today’s best technologies to better people’s lives. Full-color photos and information for the full DataSafe product line can be obtained by emailing Nelleke Gort at [email protected]

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