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iTunes and PandaLabs

iTuners beware-PandaLabs antimalware laboratory found Apple’s iTunes platform has become a major target for hackers looking to steal credit card data from the service’s millions of users. Victims receive a cleverly-crafted email informing them that they have made an expensive purchase on iTunes. The user, having never made the purchase to begin with, is concerned by the email and naturally tries to resolve the problem â in this case by clicking on the proffered (fake) link. An example of this fraudulent iTunes receipt can be seen here: Upon installation, the user is redirected to an infected Web page containing the Zeus Trojan, which is specifically designed to steal personal data. This phishing attack was uncovered shortly after a similar phishing attack targeting LinkedIn users appeared last week, which appears to have originated in Russia. More information is available in the PandaLabs Blog.

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