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Citi 2G

If you’ve had enough of restricting redemption options with your credit card, Citi Cards’ latest card pilot gives you the option to use reward points or cash rewards with the push of a button right at the point of sale. The “Citi 2G” credit card payment device technology allows you to choose “Regular Credit” to pay or its “Request Rewards” option to redeem points or cash rewards with a simple swipe of the card. To decide between the two payment options, the “Citi 2G” card features two corresponding buttons on its face which illuminate to indicate your selection on the “Payments 2.0” application built on Dynamicsâ “Card 2.0” technology. The Card’s programmable and electronic components include a battery, an embedded chip, two buttons, and a card-programmable magnetic stripe and can be used wherever credit cards are swiped. For more information on Citi 2G credit cards, go to To view a video on Citi 2G credit cards and download b-roll, soundbites from Terry O’Neil, and card images, go to:

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