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Travel with Your Mind

American Express is kicking off its ‘Travel with Your Mind’ philanthropic program for the second year in a row in the Twin Cities. Designed to help support schools in your neighborhood through a series of travel-themed beautification projects and multi-cultural initiatives in cities across the country, this latest American Express initiative is in conjunction with HandsOn Twin Cities to improve the Capitol Hill Magnet School as the “Travel with Your Mind” beneficiary, underway October 16. In doing so, with the help of Delta Air Lines employees, local parents, students, teachers and community members, American Express will paint globally-themed murals, landscape school grounds, and install woodchip barriers, bike racks and benches. Two additional projects are scheduled to take place at Capitol Hill Magnet School during the winter and spring, which will be announced in early 2011. American Express is also working with HandsOn for similar projects in Atlanta, Detroit, Memphis, and New York City.

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