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Customize Your Zync Card

If you’re sick of your generic rewards card, does American Express have the pay-in-full Charge Card for you. The “ZYNC” from American Express lets you customize your Card with benefits and rewards tailored to your specific lifestyle interests and spending habits. Additionally, American Express has made available four new ‘Packs’ focusing on Art, Health & Fitness, Spa, and Vegas. With this, the ‘Packs’ offering is available in a total of 14 categories, offering special benefits in each that go beyond Membership Rewards to discounts and bonus points. Additional categories include Charitable Giving, Travel, Music, Fashion, Food and Wine. ZYNC Cardmembers also enjoy emergency assistance when Cardmembers are 100 miles or more away from home with Global Assist Hotline; Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance, at no additional charge; 24/7 Roadside Assistance Anywhere; Purchase Protection; Extended Warranty; and Return Protection.

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