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Google Introduces

Sometimes shopping can be difficult if you’re on the hunt for something very specific. In these cases, browsing a large collection of items at once can help to narrow your search to the perfect item on your list. is a new offering from Google featuring many collections, or “boutiques,” of women’s fashions, including clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories. This shopping experience is designed to help women discover and shop their signature look by browsing trends and styles that are organized by theme into individual collections. Each boutique may feature a certain trend or style in the fashion world, such as “Modern Military,” “That 70s Girl,” and “Kitten Heels,” to name a few.

For the full shopper experience, visitors can mark specific fashions and items as “Love” or “Hate,” add comments, share favorite boutiques, and even create their own boutiques. When browsing through the boutiques of celebrities, designers, or particular trends and styles, users can easily make a purchase on the spot by clicking the item they wish to buy. Their browser will redirect them to the retailer site selling their desired product so they can complete their purchase. The smart technology behind enhances your shopping experience the more you log on, as the site’s computer systems understand patterns, pairings, and genres, as well as similarities in your own style preferences. Right now is limited to women’s fashions, but it’s possible we could see men’s items in the future if all goes well with this new concept for shopping online. For more information or to try, check out

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