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Targeted Credit Cards

Credit card companies can and do keep track of their best and worst customers, whether you expect it or not. Your credit card company knows a lot about you, even beyond your spending habits. Some of the latest credit card promotions are designed for existing cardholders, either as a promotion or reward for good borrowing behavior. Oftentimes credit card companies will select a certain niche audience from their many, many cardholders and present them with a special offer for a limited time.

One example is Citiâs current promotion where a number of cardholders have been invited to participate in a limited time promotion where they can earn an additional 20% on any ThankYou points earned from signup through February 2011. Not all cardholders were invited, but those who were may have received a snail mail letter or email alerting them to the promotion, or may have found out simply by logging into their accounts online or calling and speaking with a customer service representative.

Creditors and stores alike are doing what they can to urge customers to put their purchases on plastic or simply to make more purchases in the coming months. The promotions being offered may include additional rewards points, special bonuses, gifts, and better discounts, to name a few. Some of the stores and creditors issuing these special bonuses around the holidays are Citigroup, J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Toys “R” Us, and Target, among others.

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