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Saving Money at the Pump

The prices of gas arenât getting any cheaper, yet consumers are finding ways to save at the pump. Fuel charges account for a key component of a familyâs monthly expenditures. Drivers have a variety of options when it comes to fueling up on the cheap. They can sign up for a gas rewards credit card, a gas station loyalty program, or even supermarket rewards that are tied into cheaper gasoline options. Warehouse club memberships like Samâs Club and BJs typically offer discounts on fuel ups as well.

Gas rewards credit cards allow drivers to earn cash back when using plastic to fill up at the pump. A variety of gas rewards cards help to cut the rising cost of gasoline when consumers use them regularly. Many gas rewards cards allow cardholders to earn rebates or cash back for other purchases as well, but many times the rewards percentages are higher on gasoline purchases. To make the most of gasoline rewards cards, consumers should swipe the same card at the pump, especially when traveling long distances by car.

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