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SwipeGood: Round up your Purchases for a Good Cause

Have you ever thought about making a donation to charity but then you never got around to it? SwipeGood makes sure that doesn’t happen by rounding up all your purchases to the nearest dollar and donating that difference to a good cause. SwipeGood is a for-profit business that allows credit card users to donate to a charity of their choice by registering a credit card in the program.

SwipeGood makes its money by taking 5% of each monthly charitable contribution. To avoid any possible credit card fees and to maximize what goes to charity, SwipeGood charges the credit card for the entire month’s worth of donations at one time. The company’s FAQs say people on average are rounding up $20.

For anyone who would like to contribute to charity but isn’t comfortable with an uncapped amount, SwipeGood offers the ability to set a monthly limit on rounded-up donations. Members of SwipeGood can also pause their donations if needed. Right now cardholders can only enroll one credit card in the charitable donations program, but they can add a separate card to be billed for the donation amount if desired.

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