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Disaster Relief Donations

In the face of the recession, Americans didn’t blink nor back down from giving to those who need it most. As a matter of fact, nearly 50% of you donated your cash to international disaster relief efforts over the past two years, 43% of which gave to international disaster relief efforts. Specifically, among those whom did donate, 87% gave to relief efforts related to the earthquake in Haiti while 22% donated to the Chilean earthquake/tsunami that struck in February 2010. This, according to a national poll commissioned by MoneyGram International, also shows 72% will donate about the same or more to international relief efforts in 2011; 48% were most motivated to donate because of the “impact on children”; and 27% of men and women between 18 to 34 indicated they will give more to international relief efforts in 2011, which is 10% higher than any other age group. Haiti was the leading relief effort for respondents ages 18 to 34 at 95%, and ages 45 and older at 80%.

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