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The Quarterlife Project

All you twenty-somethings out there need to start taking control of your money! And American Express wants to help with its ZYNC “The Quarterlife Project.” The Quarterlife Project” is being introduced to gauge your perceptions about money Through resources helping you find some financial control. This is in response to 96% of you disclosing you are very concerned about making money; 79% of you feel overwhelmed by your current financial situation; and 57% are still financially dependent on parents to help pay bills. Sound familiar? Additional findings show 86% of you describe your current financial situation as ‘stressful’; 54% of Gen Y-ers believe most financial services are geared toward older age groups; 67% of you wish you had more tools and resources to increase understanding about financial issues and 66% want tools for money management. Well here’s your chance: check out “The Quarterlife Project” today!

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