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Temporary Credit Cards: What You Need to Know

While many scam artists are out there waiting for their next victims, shopping online doesnât have to be scary. Stay ahead of the curve by doing your online shopping with a temporary credit card. Temporary credit cards, also known as throwaway cards or virtual credit cards, can help protect you from identity theft and fraudulent use of your credit cards. Temporary cards are essentially credit card numbers generated by the issuing bank that are attached to your account but may expire immediately after use or according to other similar terms.

When Is a Good Time to Use a Virtual Credit Card?

Different card issuers offer different kinds of temporary cards or alternatives, so it is best to do some research before selecting your plan of action. You may benefit from using a virtual credit card when you are shopping online at a merchant that is not as well known as shops like eBay and Amazon.

What Is an Example of a Temporary Credit Card?

Bank of America offers ShopSafe to cardholders. This program allows consumers to generate a temporary credit card number that links directly to their real credit card but doesnât give away any of those details. The cardâs terms allow users to set the âvalid throughâ date for up to a year in advance, making it convenient for paying monthly bills as well.

What Are Some Alternatives to Temporary Credit Cards?

If you arenât ready to try a temporary credit card, you might consider some online checkout services to help protect your identity as a consumer. Consider Google Checkout and PayPal as two options that help to protect you from directly sharing your payment information with a vendor.

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