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Now DeviceFidelity lets you conduct Visa mobile contactless payments on even more smartphone models. The expanded list of smartphone models compatible with the DeviceFidelity “In2Pay” microSD technology includes the Blackberry “Tour 9630” and Android based Samsung “Epic 4G,” Samsung “Fascinate,” “Mesmerize” and “Showcase”‘ models. This is in addition to the original list of smartphones approved in December with In2Pay microSD, including the Samsung “Vibrant,” Samsung “Galaxy-S i9000,” Blackberry “Bold 9650,” iPhone “3G/3GS” and iPhone “4” models. This ultimately lets you transforms user-preferred smartphones into interactive mobile payment devices. The “In2Pay” solution features multiple account wallet capability, TSM compatibility for Over the Air provisioning and support for secure personalization. So put away that wallet and start using your phone!

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