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How to Increase Your Credit Card Spending Limit

When you first start out with a credit card, your spending limit may not be that high at all. You may be lucky to receive a credit limit of $1000 or $1500, or you may get a limit that is just a little higher. Rather than being discouraged at the amount, realize that this is a chance for you to prove your creditworthiness and your responsible spending behavior. You can increase your credit card spending limit in time with good financial conduct.

Consider these tips to help you increase your credit limit in the long run:

Pay your bills on time, every time.

Pay your bills in full as often as possible.

DonâÂÂt charge more than you can afford to pay back.

Avoid getting caught up in a mess of credit card fees or balance transfers.

If you do miss a payment, call your credit card company to talk it over. You might be able to get the late fee waived if it is your first time missing.

Once you have practiced responsible spending behavior and built a strong history of payments, you may begin thinking about increasing your limit. Sometimes this happens automatically when a credit card issuer notices your excellent behavior. Other times it may be appropriate to give your credit card company a call to request a credit line increase. Even if you don’t get your limit increased on your first try, donâÂÂt give up. You can continue to pay your bills on time and in full whenever possible so that next time you apply, you will have a better shot at an increase in your credit line.

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