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TD Payment Plus Credit Card

As saving and money management continue to be an important priority for consumers, TD Bank is making available its “TD Payment Plus Credit Card.” If you carry a balance, this new card helps you manage your money by offering rewards for responsible credit card payment behavior.Through a standard interest rate, the card gives you the chance to receive a monthly credit provided, given you make a payment of at least 5% of your outstanding balance by the payment due date. The new product emphasizes TD Bank’s commitment to offering smart financial tools and tailored programs to consistently meet customers’ needs.This ultimately lets you take responsibility for interest charges and debt obligations; provides flexibility; and rewards you for paying down balances. For example, if you pay 10% or more of your balance, you will get a statement credit for 50% of that month’s interest charges, and consumers who pay off 5% – 9.99% of their balance will receive a statement credit worth 25% of that month’s interest charge.

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