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The Mango MasterCard Prepaid Card

The fresh Mango logo lets you know this card is designed with the consumer in mind. The Mango(TM) MasterCard(R) Prepaid Card allows its cardholders to enjoy a free prepaid credit card and free shipping, as well as a free instant virtual card so they can start shopping immediately after being approved. Direct Deposit is also free and features a $20 signup bonus. The card also includes free unlimited purchase / signature transactions, free balance checking by text message, and free account management over the phone or online. The $0 activation fee is an enticing introductory offer, but the card also includes a $0 first monthly fee so you can try the card for free. The monthly fee then remains at $0 for every month when you load at least $500 on your card. Otherwise the fee would be $5. There are no hidden fees, no overdraft fees, and no bank account required. Cardholders can earn high savings interest rates and can also refer friends and family to make money. Thanks to modern technology, consumers can also send and receive money with their mobile phones using this prepaid credit card.

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