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Five Critical Credit Card Rules for 2011

As we slowly but surely head back into an era of easy credit, I’m sure your starting to notice more credit card offers with every trip to your mailbox. As you and your fellow consumers increasingly use credit cards, wants to help prevent you from falling back into a credit card trap, which- if you’re like most consumers- have been climbing out of for the better part of 3 years. With this, issued its “Five Critical Credit Card Rules for 2011,” warning new cards can be offered at any rate, even under the new protections from the CARD Act and only the best credit customers will have access to the lowest interest rates. Also, merchants are now allowed to LEGALLY set a minimum purchase amount for credit card transactions. Believe it or not, they were not allowed to do this until recently, although it cannot exceed $10 and does not apply to debit cards, so always keep some cash on you. Additionally, only make the minimum payment as a last resort to avoid lengthy debt; there is a wide range of fees, rewards, and transfer programs available, so pick a card based on your spending habits and needs; and in order to keep your credit cards or current credit limits, you should use them on a regular basis.

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