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EasyV-Gift Card

For you retailers seeking an affordable closed loop Gift Card solution, your search just may be over thanks to the YESpay International “EasyV-Gift Card.” Having reached total sales of $97 billion in the US and estimated sales of GBP17 billion in the UK in 2010, the gift card has established its credibility as an effective customer acquisition tool in the retail market. The “EasyV-Gift Card” is an online closed loop gift card solution allowing you, the merchant, to implement a powerful customer acquisition program within your retail environment. The “EasyV-GiftCard” can be used at any existing electronic POS system integrated with YESpay’s Chip-and-PIN payment solution or in a standalone mode using a simple PC payment application (YESpos) making it ideal for single or multi-chain high street retail environments. Additional features allow you to issue gift cards with a predetermined value or to allow the customer to specify the initial value of the card. So start offering your customers a customizable gift card program that wont hurt your budget today!

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