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Transferring Balances

With more fees associated in moving a balance from one card to another, are these fees worth paying even to 0% balance transfer card?Most balance transfer offers charge a balance transfer fee ranging from 3-5% of the total balance transferred. But look for cards offering 0% for a minimum of 12 months and a balance transfer fee of 3%. This is the only way it will be affordable to you and a better option. Also, Moving $5,000 from a high interest credit card of +15% to a 0% APR transfer card with a 3% balance transfer fee will cost $150, you could save between $400-500 in interest charges on the balance, even with a transfer fee. But if you are going to pay the high interest card off in only a few months, don’t bother transferring. If you do decide to transfer, be sure to pay as much as you can on time every month.

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