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Teach Children to Save Day

Teaching your young ones about money and how to save is now more important than ever! Opening 15,000 new children’s savings accounts, in honor of the 15th anniversary of ‘Teach Children to Save Day’ on April 12, the ABA Education Foundation is challenging the banking industry to teach savings education to more children than ever before. In addition to teaching classroom lessons, the Foundation is encouraging banks to promote and incentivize children’s savings accounts. So far, more than 30 banks have accepted the challenge and joined the Race to Save campaign. The campaign aims to give children an opportunity to practice savings behavior and reap the side effects of having an account. New research has shown that a child with a savings account in their name is seven times more likely to go to college. Also included it a ‘Teach Children to Save’ resource kit, including scripted lesson plans, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations and promotional materials and is correlated to national teaching standards. So checkout the ABA Education Foundation and teach your children good saving habits today!

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