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HP Prepaid Cards

Merchants looking to implement an effective prepaid card service can now hang up THEIR hiking boots. That’s because HP has unveiled its flexible, secure, self-service and cost-effective “Prepaid Card Services” payment delivery solution for prefunded cards. HP “Prepaid Card Services” provides more simplicity with a single view of the portfolio to drive efficiency in customer service and standardizing back-office operations across products. It also focuses on new market opportunities, allowing banks to provide card-based payment services, regardless of a consumerâÂÂs credit eligibility; new revenue streams with unique market opportunities that exist within corporations, retailers, healthcare organizations, transportation agencies, universities and government entities; and fraud protection that reduces client exposure to losses by applying advanced fraud monitoring tools on the transactions. It also supports EMV Chip and Pin requirements, so what more could you possibly need in your prepaid card service?!

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