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Not looking forward to chore of teaching your kids about money? Don’t blame ya… but might just have the answer you’re waiting for. has partnered with Scholastic to introduce the “Quest for Money” online game solution with free tools to help middle school students learn essential and long-lasting personal finance skills as part of the Intuit financial literacy program. With “Quest for Money,” young people learn about money management strategies like earning and saving money, and budgeting to meet specific financial goals. Implementing online gaming with relatable real-life money scenarios – such as buying a new computer or going to a concert – the game challenges players with questions about money, shopping and saving – rewarding them for smart choices and correct answers. Connecting math to everyday life, making it relevant to students and giving parents and teachers a fun way to instill financial responsibility at home and in the classroom, Mint’s financial literacy program give your family activities to learn and encourage a happy future, free of debit. So visit: today!

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