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Benefits of Gas Rewards Credit Cards

Gas rebate credit cards are one of the most worthwhile types of rewards cards purely because just about everyone fills up at the pump on a weekly basis. When you think about how much you spend on gas in the course of a year, earning back one to five percent of that can be a pretty big deal! There are clearly many reasons to carry a gas rewards credit card in your wallet. Consider the following details and decide if you would benefit from a gas rebates credit card as well.

Some credit cards offer rewards on fuel purchases all of the time. Others may offer a rotating rewards bracket, ranging from fuel-ups to meals to travel purchases, groceries, entertainment, and more. Some gas rewards cards may offer a large percentage such as 6% or 10% in cash back rewards for a short period of time before switching to a lower amount. The Discover Open Road Credit Card is one example of a gas rebate credit card. This card doubles your cash rewards on gas and dining purchases while also offering rewards on every other type of purchase.

As with all offers that sound too good to be true, some restrictions and limitations may apply. Be sure to read the fine print of your credit card application and agreement so you can avoid any disappointing surprises.

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