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The Latest Scams and Most Common Forms of Identity Theft

Protecting your credit and your identity is as important as ever, with many identity thieves and scammers up to the same tricks as well as a bunch of new ones. Identity theft can include a number of different fraudulent behaviors from actually stealing and using a physical credit card to lifting the credit card numbers from a Web site or database to stealing and abusing other personal information.

It isnât always an individual committing identity theft. More and more cases are seeing identity theft rings, or groups of individuals with a master scam in action. Some dishonest companies even try to sneak charges onto your credit card accounts without your knowledge. Luckily most credit card issuers regularly monitor their consumersâ accounts for red flag behavior and unusual account activity.

You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your identity and your finances. Watch out for these common forms of identity theft:

* Credit Theft
* Bank Fraud
* Phone and Utility Fraud
* Employment Related Fraud
* Medical Identity Theft
* Criminal Identity Theft

Some of the most common personal information stolen by identity thieves includes: credit card numbers, banking information, driver’s license data, social security numbers, medical information, and finally, character theft, where the criminal poses as you, assuming your identity. Scam artists are always finding new ways to beat the system. It is so important to remain vigilant about your personal identity and your financial activity. Review your bank and credit card statements regularly and report any inconsistencies immediately. There’s no time to waste in cases of identity theft and fraud.

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