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IntelliLink Compliance Managemen

Giving you the enhanced control, compliance and cost-savings you need for your business’ commercial card program Visa has launched its “IntelliLink Compliance Management” web-based solution as part of its “IntelliLink” product suite. The “IntelliLink Compliance Management” converts your commercial card transaction data into information you can subsequently use to minimize and deter commercial card misuse. Services provided include analytics and investigative reporting; misuse and abuse detection; reporting for program and regulatory compliance; and centralized retention of information, enabling automated program and regulatory compliance as well as audit preparation. Integrated with existing card management systems, “Visa IntelliLink Compliance Management” is focused on making commercial card programs more effective for oversight and control of spend, providing a detailed level of review and reporting that gives greater insight into a card programâs performance as well as intelligence to quickly detect and discourage fraud, waste, loss and abuse. It ultimately offers you a more detailed view of commercial payment program data, complementing existing card management and issuer reporting systems for a 360 degree view of commercial payment solution activity.

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