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SABEResPODER and Wells Fargo

Giving you a clearer picture on financial management, SABEResPODER and Wells Fargo have partnered to educate in 13 cities from now to July 1. The educational campaign includes the introduction to financial literacy and to banking products and services that will help you succeed financially, ranging from opening a bank account to remitting money overseas to family and friends. The campaign will run in Anchorage, Phoenix, Tucson, Denver, Atlanta, Boise, Saint Paul, Albuquerque, Las Vegas, New York, Portland, Salt Lake City and Seattle. Conjunctively, Wells Fargo is including an “ExpressSend” remittance rebate offer in the financial education guide that will be good throughout the campaign. Now you can learn to start building your credit, building your savings, or more wisely investing your money with confidence!

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