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Pros and Cons of Paperless Billing Statements

Many credit card companies, store charge cards, and other companies are moving toward a greener approach with their billing statements. You’ll often notice when you log into your account online that there is a big push to get consumers signed up for paperless billing. Often a screen pops up before you can access your account details, giving you a pitch to sign up for the paperless statements. You’ll even notice that the button to accept these greener statements has a more enticing appearance than the button to decline them. Before you click that button to accept paperless billing statements, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of both options.

*Pros of Paperless Billing Statements*
* It’s an eco-friendly, green approach that is good for our planet.
* Reduce the amount of mail you have to go through every month.
* Sometimes companies give you a statement credit or a special reward or promotion when you sign up for paperless billing.
* This definitely helps you to embrace the digital age.

*Cons of Paperless Billing Statements*
* Without a physical paper statement in the mail, it becomes more likely that you will forget to make a payment, causing all kinds of bad situations with your credit.
* You may have a trickier time getting in touch with customer support now that you don’t get your documents in the mail anymore.
* You need to have a computer and an Internet connection to take full advantage of the paperless statements.
* Automatic payments may put you in a position to overdraw your account.
* It becomes necessary to remember or keep track of your password and username in order to pay your bills and check your balance.

Consider the above points to help you decide if paperless billing is a good option for you.

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