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Kardashian Kard

After the now defunct “Kardashian Kard” was taken out of reach the young adult fan-base of the TV show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” the card issuing body-Revenue Resource Group- filed its 75 million dollar lawsuit within days. The suit however was just thrown out, the judge concluding the Kardashians had no duty to promote a product that might be considered unlawful.

Having launched the debit card November 10th with much fanfare, the “Kard” was met with much scrutiny for its exorbitant fees, much of which coming from Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. Having been referred to as “predatory,” the “Kard’s” ‘gotchas’ include plan options, which gave you the option to either sign up for a six month plan for $59.95 or a 12 month plan for $99.95, the former of which covered the $9.95 purchase fee, $5 minimum deposit, and the $7.95 monthly fee for the duration of the plan while the 12 month plan is identical except it included the $7.95 monthly fee for the full year.

The list of charges and fees went on, but Revenue Resource Group was seeking damages from sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, blaming them for heavy losses after the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” stars publicly denounced the company after a warning from Blumenthal of the “predatory” aspect. The reason for the judgment: Revenue Resource Group LLC hadn’t sufficiently shown they could win their breach of contract case AND the sisters could not be sued for voicing concerns about the debit card because the claims would violate their First Amendment rights. The judge also blamed any damage to the Company of its own making, with the widespread coverage of fees and charges associated with the card, rather than the Sisters.

Thankfully this promotional disaster is off the shelves and no longer a risk to you.

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