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Taking Advantage of Unpublished Credit Card Offers

Surprises can be good or bad, depending on the circumstances. When it comes to using credit cards and “surprises” in the same sentence, the initial feeling is usually not a joyful one. However, sometimes credit card companies can surprise us with special offers and promotions just because we are their loyal customers. These kinds of surprises are so much better than the fees, rate hikes, and of course, “surprise – you missed a payment.”

Not all credit card companies offer their cardholders a special deal or discount here or there, but when they do, there usually isn’t a lot of fuss. You might receive a letter in the mail or you might see a special screen when you next log into your account. The important thing is to train your eye to watch for these things, because many of us are becoming blind to these offers due simply to the fact that screens are always popping up, delaying us from getting to the page we are trying to access.

Whether it’s a special offer or a balance transfer pitch or a request to switch to paperless billing, we really have to train our eye to look for those buzz words before we click accept or decline. The truth is, if you turn a blind eye on these deals, you might be passing by excellent savings such as one by Citi MasterCard for 5% back on home improvement purchases through the end of June! Usually these offers come with a theme, such as entertainment, dining, travel, clothing, and so forth. You may receive several offers throughout the year, thankfully without the fine print or extra subscription fees to take advantage of the offer.

As with many cases in life, it pays to read the fine print, and sometimes even to actually scan the solicitations that come your way. Remember to read all the details before opting in, and if you still have questions, just call your credit card’s customer service line.

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