Consumer Payment Card News

Lowering Card Standards

Credit less than perfect and hoping to open a new credit card? Well your time may have arrived. Card issuers are seeking news ways to grow responsibly, thus increasingly focusing on the non-prime consumer market. This indicates credit standards are ultimately beginning to loosen as card issuers continue to work through elevated charge-off levels, but in returning will likely be very highly selective, focusing on new segmentation approaches and using new analytics and data types. These are to include three heterogeneous credit card prospect segments outside prime territory; subprime, or consumers with an established credit track record indicating a higher risk of credit default; thin file consumers, who have credit bureau files insufficient for traditional credit scoring and underwriting; and no file/no hit consumers, demonstrating no identifiable records at the major bureaus. So if you fall within these criteria and are in the market for a new credit card, start applying for approval-you may be surprised!

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