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Online Identity Theft Protection Tips

Shopping online is such a common task these days. From everyday needs at Amazon to holiday shopping on a plethora of websites, online shopping is a popular and convenient method for getting what we need when we want it. With almost all conveniences comes a great responsibility to protect ourselves from potential dangers. Online shopping definitely opens the door to online identity theft. Therefore it is highly important to protect ourselves from this terrible fraud with online identity theft protection tips.

Consider these tips on online identity theft protection to help you safeguard your identity:

* Whenever possible, shop only at sights you know and trust.
* Look for the lock icon or âhttpsâ on your browser before making a payment.
* Avoid sharing your social security number, bank account number, credit card number, and other sensitive data online or otherwise.
* Install legitimate antivirus and anti-spyware software on your computer.
* Choose strong passwords for sensitive sites and online shopping websites.
* Use a payment service like PayPal or a temporary credit card or gift card to make your purchases online.
* Review your credit card statements and check your PayPal transaction history regularly.
* If you notice a discrepancy, flag it right away and bring it to the attention of your credit card issuer or PayPal.
* Consider a service like LifeLock that will watch out for your identity for you.

These online identity theft protection tips should give you a great start in protecting your financial assets and your identity online.

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