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Get Funding for Your Child's College Years

In most cases, student loans are necessary to help put your kids through college. It is important to know what you’re doing when it comes to applying for student loans to ensure your college-aged child receives the needed funding in time for the start of the school year. You should also explore every option when it comes to securing funds for your child to attend college. Check into options for scholarships, grants, student loans, and other forms of financial aid. Consider these tips on how to apply for student loans and what else you can do to ensure your children start college on the right foot financially.

*Tips to Secure Funding for Your Child’s College Education*
Check out these tips to help you save and secure money for your child’s college years:

* Start saving early. Set up a college fund when your child is young.
* Pay your children an allowance and encourage them to save 50% of it for college. This will help instill strong financial discipline.
* Have your child apply for numerous scholarships. Find scholarships that relate to your child’s interests, heritage, or school activities. Apply for scholarships both affiliated with prospective colleges as well as third party scholarships.
* Apply for financial aid with the prospective universities. Find out how much each school is willing to give you before your student chooses a college.
* Encourage your child to get a summer job before heading to college. Save this money toward books and college expenses.
* Encourage your student to get a job or work study job with the school to offset some of the costs. There are countless options when it comes to college jobs, including cafeteria and catering, library assistant, tour guide, intramural sports coordinator, and of course, Resident Assistants.

*Resources to Help with Applying for Student Loans*
Different kinds of student loans exist for college students. It is important to know your options as well as any looming deadlines and requirements. Consider these important student loan resources to ensure you apply for student loans in time.

* Submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online. This matches your student up with loans that he or she is qualified to receive. Grants, federal student loans, and parent loans will all be examined. See for more information.
* Look into Private Student Loans like Sallie Mae. For more information, see
* Check into Federal Stafford Loans for student funding. For more information, check out

These are just some beginner’s tips and resources to help you provide funding for your child’s college years. Be sure to exhaust every resource and review the options closely to ensure your child isn’t faced with overwhelming student loan debt following college graduation.

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