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Tips on Graduate Student Loans and Funding

For those who continue to pursue further education beyond undergrad, the costs keep on coming. From tuition to rent, food, and general living expenses, the bill continues to increase. Thankfully, like with undergrad, there are different ways for grad students to make money and receive financial aid for their graduate school expenses and tuition.

Graduate student loans are common for many who choose to pursue education beyond the first four years. Grad students should fill out the FAFSA just like with undergraduate programs. They can then accept all the federal loans (Stafford loans) afforded to them. The Graduate PLUS loan is another option for students in grad school to use toward their ever-climbing expenses, offering low, fixed interest rates. Students may also be able to find private student loans for their graduate school tuition if the federal loans are not enough.

Graduate students may also be able to offset the cost of their continued education with teacher’s assistant positions, as research assistants, or in other jobs and roles at the university. Grad students can also work part-time to help pay for their graduate studies and general living expenses. Finally, students should also be sure to apply for any appropriate scholarships, grants, and work study programs that may be available. A combination of these approaches should do the trick for the graduate student who needs a little financial help.

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