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Internet Tips

Western Union wants you to be safe on the Internet. So it’s offering the latest information and tips on common Internet scams. For example, beware of the ‘Failure to Deliver Merchandise’ scam, wherein the victim reaches an agreement to purchase an item from a scammer-seller, whom then requires payment through a money transfer service, such as Western Union, and picks up the funds using a professionally produced fake ID and the promised merchandise is never delivered. Also the ‘Overpayment Using a Fake Check’ scam wherein the victim reaches an agreement to sell an item to a scammer, whom then concocts an explanation for the overpayment by check, and subsequently instructs the seller to deposit the check into a bank account, withdraw the excess funds and send those funds back using a money transfer service. The fraudster picks up the funds using a fake ID and the victim is left responsible for the bounced check. There’s a lot of shifty people out there and the internet truly brings them all together…

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