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Money On The Go

Now you can claim your debit card rewards faster- much, much faster- thanks to the MasterCard “Money On The Go” program. With a Prepaid Debit MasterCard 1:1 ratio of reward points, with each point worth a very generous $1.00, your points are redeemable towards 80,000 brand name products offered at its on-line reward site, the “Money On The Go Network.” As a member, you earn a one dollar reward point for every dollar loaded onto their Mongo Prepaid MasterCard and can redeem up to 1,000 reward points every month at their on-line rewards mall. But that’s not all! The “Money On The Go” has also included their LeisureXpress and SaversXpress benefits that save members 20-50% off at over 200,000 national recognized retailers. So sign up today!

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