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Card debt is way down across the entire country. Since January, average credit card debt has fallen nearly 10% nationally to $6,503, while all 50 states showed reduced credit card debt. The states that decreased their debt the most include Mississippi, down 16% to $5,362; Alabama, down 14% to $5,750; and Kentucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and West Virginia, all down 13% to $6,151, $7,464, $6,090 and $5,956, respectively. Nationally, credit scores remain unchanged from last month at 661, but have fallen five points since January. This, according to CreditKarma, also shows the states that had the highest credit scores in November include California (680), New Jersey (679), Massachusetts (678), and Utah (675). Mississippi (621), South Carolina (635) and Arkansas (635) posted the lowest scores. Keep it up America!

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