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eBay Top Shopped

Did YOU buy into the latest rage? eBay announced its third annual “Top Shopped” report1, ranking the pop culture moments and trends that captured shopper’s attention – and cash – in 2011. eBay analyzed sales data based on what people bought across categories on the marketplace to identify what piqued the public’s interest this year-from must-have tech and toys, to pop star divas and celebrity standouts. With more than 200 million daily listings and a community of nearly 100 million users, eBay serves as a unique trend barometer, tracking the moments and movements that mattered most in 2011. In addition, armed with tablets and smartphones, and millions of eBay listings at their fingertips, people took on-the-go shopping to a whole new level this year. Picks2 for America’s “Top Shopped” and Pop Culture Moments of 2011: NFL; Harry Potter; Twilight; Call of Duty; Green Bay Packers; iPad; Sade; Justin Bieber; Glee; and Charlie Sheen.

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