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Bank Committed

If you like your bank you aren’t alone. More than half of consumers are committed to their bank while nearly two-thirds feel valued by them. Additionally, 57% attribute helpful staff and personal service to feeling valued and the majority of consumers cite positive customer service experiences as a principal reason for their commitment while more than 40% say their bank demonstrates a commitment to them through no or low minimum balance requirements. This, according to TD Bank
research, also shows 48% say bank products and services are more valuable than telecommunications and less than 50% would actually take the step to close an account associated with the same fees. Other findings indicate bank show commitment with no monthly checking fees according to 65%; 65% say easy online banking; 64% say good customer service; 57% say no statement fees; and 53% say convenient bank locations. Looks like customer-bank relations have come a long way since the onset of the recession!

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