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Opting Out of Credit Card Junk Mail Lists

Opting Out of Credit Card Junk Mail ListsDo you ever wonder why you get so much junk mail? It isn’t necessarily from you giving away your personal information, so don’t second guess yourself. Many times credit card companies and even store charge cards will sell your name and contact information as part of a list to different marketing agencies and direct mail firms. Of course, if you read every word of fine print on your credit card application or terms of agreement, you might already know this. But who really has the time?

The important thing is to know that you can still take care of this rather annoying junk mail problem even after the fact, and quite easily at that. To opt out of the marketing offers you receive for lines of credit, credit card applications, and insurance solicitations, you can follow one of these two quick and easy steps:

  • Call 1-888-567-8688 to have your name and information removed from the credit bureaus’ mailing lists that are sold and provided to credit card companies and direct marketing agencies for preapproved credit card offers and other bulk mail.
  • Simply fill out an easy form online at to remove yourself from these lists for five years or permanently.

Of course, it may take some time for your opt-out to be reflected in the amount of junk mail you receive on a daily or weekly basis, but you can feel more at ease knowing you’ve taken a step to protect your identity and simplify your life.

For more information, check out the FTC Alert – Unsolicited Mail, Telemarketing and Email: Where to Go to “Just Say No.”


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