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Swiping Your Finger as a Form of Payment – "Money at My Fingertip"

Money at My FingertipIf you thought accepting credit cards on your cell phone was a major breakthrough in payment processing technology, just wait till you hear this. Calypso Waterpark in Limoges, Ontario, Canada, allows guests to scan their fingerprint to open an account with the waterpark – then guests can swipe their finger when they’re hungry or interested in other items during their trip to the park.

As amazing as it sounds, the park’s Money at My Fingertip payment method is safe and simple, allowing guests to enjoy the waterpark fully, without ever having to worry about toting along a purse, wallet, or one of those waterproof Velcro wristlets stashed with credit cards or cash. Park attendees simply swipe their finger to make a payment at most sales’ points in the park.

The Money at My Fingertip payment method carries no user charges, and any unused balance can be fully refunded at the end of the day or the end of the season. Families can even add more than one user to the account so that each person has access to whatever cash was preloaded. There is a minimum upload of $20, and guests can verify the remaining balance at any sales’ point.

Because this payment technology relies on your personal fingerprint for identification, it is completely secure, mimicking the security systems in place at major airports. Your fingerprints are not linked to your name or to any database, and the system has been thoroughly tested and found secure. This consumer-centric advance in waterpark payment processing makes perfect sense for a better overall guest experience. Now we can only wonder how long it will be until we have payment processing options at similar venues and attractions truly at our fingertips.

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