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All about the Google Wallet Virtual Card

Shopping online and in stores now becomes even easier, thanks to secure payment options available to consumers through Google Wallet. Google Wallet is a virtual account that stores your payment cards and rewards cards for an easier shopping experience. It is also available as an app on your smartphone. You can use Google Wallet when shopping online and in any stores where MasterCard® PayPass™ is accepted.

As of this August, Google Wallet now virtually includes all the major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Your credit card data resides on secure Google Servers while a virtual card number or wallet ID is stored securely on your smartphone for use in any transactions you make. When paying in a store, the app gives the merchant a virtual MasterCard while your desired credit card or debit card is actually charged.

When it comes to security of this phone payment app, folks seem a bit split. Not everyone is comfortable making payments by phone or storing sensitive payment information on the phone. Especially because of the implications if their phone is lost or stolen. However, Google assures smartphone users of the safety and security, referencing a dedicated Google Wallet PIN to ensure only the phone’s owner can make payments using the app. Additionally, Google Wallet can be remotely disabled if necessary when a phone is lost or stolen.

Anyone interested in trying Google Wallet on their Android phone can download it at Google Play. For more information about Google Wallet, check out

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