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Airline Rewards Programs – Other Ways to Earn Miles besides Flying

Earning frequent flyer miles can be easy for those who travel a lot. Not everyone travels so frequently, though, so it may become necessary for some travelers to find other means to keep earning miles so they can keep their accounts in active status and good standing. Even if you only travel once per year, you might still need to make a small purchase from one of your preferred airlines’ retail partners or enroll in a service in order to keep your frequent flyer program going.

Different airlines have forged relationships with a variety of retail partners and services, giving you numerous options when it comes to keeping your account open. The hope is that you can find a particular product or service that you want to purchase anyway, avoiding unnecessary expense.

Consider these ways you can continue to earn miles other than flying:

  • Make a purchase with the airline’s retail partners.
  • Stay at a partner hotel to earn miles.
  • Earn miles through a cruise vacation.
  • Rent a car to earn miles.
  • Earn miles by dining at participating restaurants.
  • Complete financial activities like banking and investments to earn some miles.
  • Participate in other partner offers to increase your miles.
  • Buy miles themselves.

When in doubt, check in with your frequent flyer program’s customer service department to check on your balance, important dates related to your account, and specific ways to earn airline miles. Be sure to check your balance and expiration dates from time to time so you can avoid finding your account closed unexpectedly.

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