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Score Big with the Extra Points Credit Card for NFL Fans

Anyone who loves football knows it; few things are as sacred as your favorite sports team. Whether you and your buddies root for the same team or not, you know deep down inside that you will continue to support that team and cheer them on until the end… even if it means your heart gets broken year after year. My family bleeds green for the Philadelphia Eagles every football season, all season long until we have nothing left to bleed. And then, when our team inevitably fails to make it through the playoffs, we do it all over again next year. As it stands right now, the Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Tennessee Titans might be taking a page from Philly’s book. I know the season is still young and the Eagles’ record isn’t that bad, but a girl’s had her heart broken enough times to know what’s coming. Still, I can’t speak for these other teams.

On the flipside, maybe your team is wildly successful, like this year’s Texans or Falcons, or coming up close in stride like the San Francisco 49ers or ‘da Bears. Even the Patriots, Ravens, and New York Giants aren’t too far behind. One thing is for sure – it is going to be an exciting season for a lot of football fans across the nation. Not to mention all those folks joining in the fun with Fantasy Football!

No matter which team rules your house on Sundays, if you happen to love one of the 32 professional football teams, you can now show off your team spirit by choosing an Extra Points Credit Card, designed especially for NFL fans. ‘Extra Points’ isn’t just a clever moniker – you do legitimately earn rewards points when using these professional football themed credit cards to make your purchases. These credit cards feature your favorite team’s logo and color scheme with a clean background, a little logo for Extra Points, and of course, the credit card number. You will find the Dallas Cowboys’ star logo upon a blue background, the Pittsburgh Steelers logo upon a black background, and a white horseshoe logo for the Indianapolis Colts Extra Points card, as just a few examples. The clean look makes these credit cards an especially attractive addition to your wallet.

The NFL Extra Points cards earn one point per $1 spent in most cases, but you will receive 2x the points for NFL purchases (for example, at, team pro-shops, and in-stadium). That means you better remember to use this credit card and not your other Visa or MasterCard the next time you hit up a game with your favorite team, be it the Saints, Seahawks, or Dolphins.

So many benefits make this credit card a no-brainer, starting with the fact that there is no annual fee. Next, you have the connection to your favorite football team. Even if you chalk that up to a vanity feature, you still earn beaucoup bucks in the form of football rewards or 1% cash back on your statement. After your first purchase, you will receive a one-time bonus of 10,000 points, which equates to a $100 cash back statement credit. But wait for the best part – there is no cap as far as how many points you can earn. You will never max out your rewards for the lifetime of your NFL Extra Points card. That means you can enjoy seeing your Denver Broncos logo or Kansas City Chiefs logo as often as you like, namely every time you make a purchase!

If you started to think that we’ve addressed all the rewards, think again. Points never expire. Let me say that again – the points you earn with these NFL credit cards are never capped and they also never expire, meaning you can keep earning and earning without the worry of losing out on anything. One more benefit – as a cardholder you will also enjoy a discount of 20% off at; in other words, $20 off $100. You can look forward to a free gift at the guest services booth at your team’s stadium during home games, if you are fortunate enough to attend a game during your time as a cardholder. You might also qualify for special balance transfer offers.

Let’s get a little more specific. Let’s say you are a Buccaneers fan. You have the Tampa Bay Bucs’ Extra Points card and you’ve earned tons of reward points. When it comes time to cash in, you can redeem your points for cash back as a statement credit toward travel rewards, but more importantly, you can redeem for game tickets, field passes, gift cards, team gear, and other exclusives. This still applies no matter what team you love – Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers, and all the rest.

So who will it be – the Rams, the Jets, the Bengals, or the Panthers? Maybe you and your wife each love a different team, so you end up with two Extra Points cards, rivals even, contending for the most rewards. It’s all in good fun as long as your season goes well and you don’t break the budget with all your rewards earning strategies.

Intrigued yet? If you’ve read this far, you must be. Take a look at the Oakland Raiders Extra Points Credit Card or Arizona Cardinals Extra Points Credit Card for more details on how these special NFL credit cards work. These cards make a great statement about your team loyalty and they make a great return on your credit card statement. You may even spark up an exciting debate or some football trash talk the next time you flash your Green Bay Packers card at the register. Just watch out for those Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions fans!

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