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10 Ways to Stretch Your Dollar Further

Make your money go furtherThe recession may not be as bad as it was back in 2008, but we sure aren’t out of the woods yet. Everywhere we turn, inflation keeps climbing and jobs, bonuses, and home assessments seem to be shrinking. We seem to be in an economy where “every little bit helps,” so consider these 10 ideas for how to stretch your dollars further.

  1. Use online coupons and deals anytime you buy something over the Internet.
  2. Consider getting an Entertainment Book for your local area, with lots of two-for-one deals, discounted golf greens fees, and countless other discounts for independent retailers and national chains.
  3. Swap out your cases of bottled water for a BPA-free stainless steel water bottle or a Brita pitcher.
  4. Be sure you have a rewards credit card and use it to earn cash back or other great prizes.
  5. Get the newspaper for the coupons, if nothing more, and use them to help you plan your grocery shopping trips.
  6. Check out consignment shops, yard sales, and other places to get gently used goods in cases where the items don’t have to be brand new.
  7. Try to scale down your impulse buys and avoid shopping while hungry.
  8. Consider reducing the number of times you go out for fast food and coffee.
  9. Pack a lunch instead of going out every day. You can probably cut your weekly lunch bill in half, at the very least.
  10. Carpool or drive with the intention of getting better gas mileage.

Do you have other ways to save money and stretch your dollars further? Please share your favorite tips in our comments below.

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