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Glyph Finds Card Incentives

Thanks to iPhone’s location-based GPS, you now have a financial advocate no matter where you are. Glyph has released its new iPhone app providing consumers with the information they need in order to decide which credit cards offer the most valuable rewards programs.

How does it work?

Most of us have regular shopping habits. Without the need for your card-data, just card types, Glyph is able to recommend the most appropriate card to use based on where the user is shopping whether it’s the grocery store, dining out, gift shopping, travel, etc.  In time, and the more shopping you do, the app learns each user’s habits then suggests which cards would be the best to utilize. Another benefit?  Glyph not only lets the user know which card to use but also provides information about other deals available while keeping you informed of additional rewards available to you. Your personal credit card numbers are not required to function and Glyph is free in the Apple App Store.

So, if you are someone who owns multiple credit cards but only use one or two because you’re unaware of which offer the best rewards, this new app may help you earn cash back on a card that’s been sitting idle in your wallet. Start maximizing your rewards and get more bang for your buck with this new guide on credit card purchases.


Glyph currently supports over 250 personal and business credit cards across 18 banks in the US, with more cards being added daily. The app is launching with support from Discover allowing it’s users to apply for new cards directly through the app.

Glyph is available in the iTunes app store.

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