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How to Maximize Cyber Monday Deals and Steals

Cyber Monday—the first Monday back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday—often finds more folks scrambling to get great deals online than those actually doing their work. The deals are fast and furious, often limited in quantity or restricted to certain hours of the day. For serious shoppers, it pays to map out a plan of action, or at the very least, to create a realistic shopping list, before this crazy shopping day arrives.

News is already breaking as far as what kind of deals you can expect if you plan to do some Cyber Monday shopping. Looking into the offerings can help you write your shopping list or plan your shopping attack of where to make your purchases first. Some Cyber Monday deals and discounts are already at rock bottom prices, but other times consumers may be able to sweeten the deal. An online coupon code for free shipping, an even deeper discount on the total purchase price, or possibly a bonus freebie when a minimum purchase is met—all of these are wonderful ways to maximize your Cyber Monday spending.

Websites like offer a wide selection of online coupon codes just like these to help shoppers save money, not just during the crazy holiday shopping season, but all year long. Of course, the deals may be easier to maximize this time of year, due to the already low prices and enticing offers that become available around Black Friday and Cyber Monday. offers 100 deals specific to Cyber Monday, not to mention Black Friday deals, with some offers including a discount in addition to free shipping. Participating merchants offer deals on products ranging from household items and home goods to beauty, clothing, photos, gifts, and more.

If you plan to do some of your holiday shopping this coming Monday, it may help you to start your research as early as you can, plotting out your preferred merchants and must-have purchases. Here are some tips to help you survive make the most of Cyber Monday.

  • Check out for the up-to-the-minute scoop on what kind of deals you can expect for Cyber Monday this year. Find all your favorite stores and what sales they plan to offer.
  • If you enjoy doing a lot of your shopping on, check out their Cyber Monday Deals Week posting for a look into the coming deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, early Cyber Monday, Gold Box Deals, Lightning Deals, and more.
  • Watch the news for updates on sales launching Monday and those that are available Friday or sooner. ABC News recently posted Cyber Monday Deals You Can Get Right Now, and this is just one example of Cyber Monday news coverage out there.
  • Keep all your gift cards handy to help you defray the cost as you make all your great Cyber Monday purchases.
  • Earn a little something back by shopping with your rewards credit card whenever possible.

No matter if you want to get your holiday shopping done before December hits or if you simply want to snatch up a sweet deal on something you’ve been eying for yourself, the extended weekend is bursting at the seams with deals for you to enjoy. Consider using these helpful tips to save yourself some money this year during the Cyber Monday shopping frenzy. Happy Shopping!

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