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Simple Debit Card: The Best Way to Manage your Money and Savings

Simple Debit Card

Simple Debit Card is offering a new technological spin to banking. Considered one of the simplest and best money managing tools in the market today. Whether you are in front of your computer or through your mobile phone, Simple makes it possible to handle your money effectively on the go.

Simple Debit Card Shows your REAL Balance

Sometimes,  numbers displayed on a screen before us become deceiving. Your actual current balance can be shown only if you deduct all pending payments. Upcoming monthly bills, savings, groceries, and miscellaneous expenditures may leave you wondering if you can afford that trendy jacket or hat. With the use of Safe-to-Spend feature, Simple debit card helps you determine an amount of money that you are safe to spend, without breaking out a calculator to compute.

Simple Debit Card Helps Organize Savings to Meet your Goals

Simple iPhone AppSimple debit card features goal setting budgeting. Grocery, bill expenditures, and vacation funds are all featured. This debit tool will help you save money overtime, while staying within budget. Each time a a salary deposit is made to your debit account; just input all your payables and savings, and funds automatically will be added to your personal Goal areas.

This prepaid card tool also has the feature of setting a daily budget. Daily needs can be budgeted to manage you money over smaller time frames. You can input the amount that you want to spend on a specific day to maintain personal goals and stop overspending.

Simple Debit Card Offers Effortless Insight to your Spendings

Each and every time you use the Simple Debit Card for a transaction, informations regarding location, time, tip, and merchant are all instantaneously transmitted to your budget. Simples allows you to search within your own purchases and allows you to hashtag and create custom searches. Interactive Spending Reports break spending down into merchants and categories. Keeping track of when and where your money goes has never been so… Simple! Most importantly, you are learning about your spending habits, and can in turn become a smarter spender.

Simple Debit Card is the Best Way to Handle Your Spending

With over 55.000 free ATM, photo check deposit, free transfers, and direct deposits Simple Debit Card is a card not to be overlooked. Easy to use and navigate, it is sure to aid in your future budgeting and savings. 

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